by Valerie Anand

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2502-4
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Richard Lanyon is a hard man. He rules his family with an unforgiving hand. He has no love for the Sweetwater family, they own the land Richards farms on, he is at their mercy as to what can be planted and how much. While he is attending his fathers funeral, the Sweetwater people are in hot pursuit of game, they donít blink an eye when his fathers remains are dumped in the cold water, nor do they stop when Richardís mistress tries to get to the remains and she later dies from the cold exposure. He spends the rest of his life living for revenge.

War of The Roses have been raging on, Richard is planning his sons future. Peter desires to marry a woman from a local fishing village, Richard needs him to marry a daughter of a local merchant. Richard comes up with a deceitful plan and once again gets his way.

Richard will do anything to improve his familyís financial status. At no thought of who he hurts to achieve this. As the Sweetwater financial situation changes, Richard could not be happier. Will the sins of the father be visited upon the children of Richard Lanyon?

Historical details are many, while an interesting time period, it was a struggle to keep all the facts straight. Readers who have not read many books on The War of Roses will find themselves struggling to finish the book. Fans of this period will be pleasantly surprised.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Pat.

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