by Lisa Renee Jones

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-79343-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #339
Mass Market Paperback

This is her one big chance, and Amanda Wright hopes she is ready. A former athlete, she turned to sports journalism when an injury ended her career. Now she is ready to move from a small town press to a major city newspaper. She hopes her ideas for a fresh approach to sports will impress the readers and her new boss. Her first assignment is the local professional baseball team. In the post-game interview she discovers star pitcher Brad Rogers is even more appealing up close. Suddenly, the ďhands offĒ rule she has about athletes has become tough to obey.

Brad has no love for the press and is hiding a big secret. Amanda has a genuine manner and a way of asking questions that donít sound intrusive. She is easy on the eyes, and the other players are eager to be on her interview list. Brad hopes that he can convince her that good press relationships include more than stats and scores.

There is something about a baseball player that gets most women hot under the collar, and author Lisa Renee Jones has penned a steamy novel for fans of Americaís game. Amanda knows that she is risking her credibility if she sees Brad off the field, but she canít ignore the passion that flares between them whenever they meet. Her boss is pressuring her for a major story, and she hopes that Bradís secret has no part of her discovery. She doesnít want to succeed by ruining someone elseís career.

Hard and Fast is a good title for this novel. The pace is quick and the flow is easy. Amanda and Brad are both believable and likeable, with plenty to keep a readerís attention. Ms. Jones also offers readers several interesting characters that I hope will clamor for their own stories in future books.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Paula.

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