by Christina Dodd

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22184-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Rurik Wilder did not expect to be away from the excavation so long. His family’s celebration turned into a long hospital vigil, but now his father is home. His search for the missing relics has become even more important, and he is glad to be back in Scotland. He cannot believe that Hardwick told the press about their findings, even before they had a chance to check it out. Now the place is crawling with reporters and curious tourists. This is not the way he likes to do his work. He is not Indiana Jones.

His mistrust of the press includes National Antiquities representative Tasya Hunnicutt, who seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. She almost has a sixth sense about the dig, and he wants to know what she is really after. When the site turns deadly, Rurik finds himself on the run with the one person with her own agenda.

Tasya Hunnicutt knows that Rurik doesn’t trust her. She doesn’t trust him either. But as a team they have to evade the killers who sabotaged the site, and work together to stay alive. She has to find answers about the family who destroyed her parents, so that she can end their reign of terror.

As the second book of the In Darkness series Touch of Darkness offers more clues, author Christina Dodd demonstrates why she is such a popular writer, in any genre. The characters are boldly drawn, with action on all sides. Readers will be riveted until the final page.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Paula.

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