by L. C. Monroe

July 2007
ISBN: 1-59998-478-X
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Meganís car broke down and when she went to ask to use the phone at a farmhouse, the two children took her for the new Nanny. When Adam arrives back to the house he is desperate for a nanny as he has to go out of state to go for an important job interview. His friends urge him to take on Megan

Megan finds herself agreeing to be the childrenís nanny though she is a computer programmer. She came to visit her friend Patty for a break after a horrible divorce.

Adam lives by schedules while Megan is impulsive. Being a nanny to the children is a pleasure to Megan but living by Adamís lists and schedules is hard going for her.

Adam and Megan are committed Christians and the book does revolve around their relationship with God. But it never seems obtrusive and there is a very goods story to be read here.

Meganís dream had always been to have children but it wasnít to be. Adamís children fill an empty place in her heart as she falls just as hard for the children as she does for Adam.

Adam finds that loving Megan means his life could be turned upside down while Megan feels Adam has to learn to trust her completely.

The author paints a pleasing picture of a tight family unit that only lacks a Mother and Megan seems to fit the bill so well.

The author, L C Monroe has a gifted way with words and has invented some very heart-warming and endearing characters. The Children, Jason and Mandy are delightful. Patty and Jake are mutual friends to Adam and Megan and play a large part in the story.

Inspirational romances can be a very rewarding read. This book is a very good read in itís own right. The story is well told and the characters are richly described.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Mary.

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