by Chris Redding

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9784096-0-9
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Grace Harmony seemed to have the perfect job for her powers. She was a paramedic. If someone was murdered and they asked her for help, she would be the one to try to stop the murder from happening. All it took was a touch from the dead person and she would be sent back in time to before the murder happen to see if she was able to change the outcome.

She was thrust back in time to try and figure out a way to prevent Dolores Holten from being murdered. She knew when and where it would happen but she had to figure out the why. Once she knew that then it would be easy to figure out. Only things do not go as easy for Grace. She finds trouble almost from the minute she gives Dolores the check for the rent.

Zach Holten, Doloresí ex-husband shows up and pretty much gives Grace his interrogation act. He has it down pat from being a detective at one time for the police force. The police force he was let go from because he let a physic give him advice. He didnít believe in them and that was trouble for Grace.

Nothing about trying to find Doloresí murder was working. There were several things happening that should not be and Grace couldnít figure them out. The story has several de jívue moments. Grace canít figure out what is going on, but she knows she must. Graceís attraction to Zach was one complication she could not have or even want at the moment. He was too much of a distraction to what she has to do.

Corpse Whisperer is story that will have you reading so you can figure out along with Grace just what happened to Dolores and why someone is trying to kill her. The romance between Zach and Grace is touching, each one learning to let their feelings and beliefs grow and overcoming their fears. It is a time for second chances. Besides the romance, you have someone trying to kill Dolores, Graceís friend Mark who seems to be throwing things off a little, but you have quite a few secondary characters that give Grace some background on Dolores.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Pam.

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