by Janelle Taylor

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8217-7892-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Shadowing Ivy is a well-written romantic suspense by Janelle Taylor. It is one of danger and who-done-it. There is passion as well as doubt for the character. It is a must read!

Ivy Sedgwick’s fiancé Declan bolts out of the church on their wedding day. Does he not love her? Ivy, a New Jersey police officer, does not understand why. Could it have something to do with her late father, William Sedgwick? Ivy knew very little about the man who was her father, but she knew he disapproved of the marriage and even told her so. Before her wedding, she was to open a letter from him and if she did not, she would be left with nothing. He was a very wealthy man who had left something to each of his daughter but they had to follow rules. Ivy was making up her own mind and she was not going to read her letter, but marry the man her father did not want her to. Or so she thought she was!

Detective Griffin Fargo showing up at the church and after causing her future husband to run and now must now explain to Ivy why. It seems as if Declan is on the run. His other fiancé was found dead that morning. Did Declan kill her? Now Griffin needs Ivy’s help to track him down.

There is danger around every corner. Griffin finds himself falling for Ivy but are those feelings returned? Does the letter that was left for her have anything to do with the murder? Will they be able to get another copy of the original? The first was stolen as well as money that Ivy had in her purse. How did Declan know who Griffin was? Will someone else have to die? Will any of Ivy’s half sisters be there to help her? Will there be a future for Ivy and Griffin?

It’s a must read! I would recommend reading all three of these books even though this one can stand on it’s own. It will give some insight to the past. So when you pick up Shadowing Ivy I would also locate Hunting Olivia and Watching Amanda.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Theresa.

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