by Janet Dailey

October 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0041-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jonas Concannon had left the remote village of Vermont ten years before. Now he’s a successful doctor in New York City, and far removed from his Vermont roots. However, going home for a visit, is for one purpose only…to get a glimpse of the only woman he ever loved, Bridget.

Bridget has a child, Molly, and her own business, but still seeing Jonas rocks her. She isn’t expecting the past to come up and smack her in the face. When Jonas decides to move back to Vermont and start a practice in her home town, Bridget knows there’s no place to avoid him…especially since he bought the farm bordering hers.

Now Jonas is mounting a full-fledged effort to win back Bridget’s heart. And she can’t think of a single reason why he shouldn’t have it…

Mistletoe and Molly is a reprinting of Ms. Dailey’s 1978 book, Green Mountain Man. I used to be a huge fan of Ms. Dailey’s back when I was a teenager, and picking up this book makes me remember why. Ms. Dailey’s writing style instantly draws the reader into the story, with strong characters, a strong sexual attraction, and interesting settings.

There are some points of view issues—the story goes from his point of view, to hers, to secondary characters, and to narrative which tends to jar me from the story. I also don’t think the strong language did anything for the story. But all in all, Mistletoe and Molly is a totally sweet read that is sure to brighten your holidays.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Laura.

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