by Nina Bangs

January 2003
ISBN: 0-505-52506-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Important Warning: Leave all your preconceived notions about romance at the door before reading this novel. Nina Bangs has a wonderful and wild collection of books to her credit and this is certainly right at the top of the “wild” pile!

A loosely crafted spoof of the 1960’s spy genre, the heroine, agent 36DD Camryn O’Brien, is sent on assignment to an island called Chance where the owner, a Monopoly-mad millionaire, is being threatened. And should something happen to him, the world economy might well collapse. Yeah, okay, the plot is confusing. And so are the first couple of chapters. My advice? Sit back and roll with this story, because before too long it becomes clear that the real story is Camryn, her clothes, her cat and her man, Jace Sentori.

By turns funny and touching, Ms Bangs manages to get you laughing and then biting your lip with emotion within paragraphs. Camryn is a normal woman, with normal worries, although she does have some rather abnormal talents, pets and dresses. Jace is our dream-come-true hero, dangerous, brooding, sexy as can be, and ready for action. All kinds of action. Anywhere and anytime. The seething sexuality that develops between these two characters (and which does so, amazingly, without frequent bouts between the sheets) is the glue that holds this story together.

When they finally manage to avoid trouble long enough to explore their mutual attraction, wowee! Get out the fire extinguisher! I have very much enjoyed Nina Bang’s writing style in her past novels, and once again she has delivered a funny, passionate and exciting tale with a twist. What could have been an amusing look at the world of the secret agent becomes a fabulous adventure through crazy technologies, twisted psyches and mind-blowing sex!

It appears that this may be a series of tales about B.L.I.S.S., the agency sponsoring Camryn and her cronies. I hope Ms. Bangs will be a continuing part of these stories. She has certainly “Bond-ed” with her characters! (Sorry, that was a really bad pun. But go read the book, and you’ll understand it!)

Reviewed in December 2002 by Celia.

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