by Sophia Johnson

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8049-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Wycliff Castle, England 1073

Heeding her stepmother’s demands that her abusive father should be rid of her, Lady Lynette of Caer Caldwell hears his newest edict with the ultimate despair. The next man to enter the castle would be her husband! Netta has spurned all of the suitors her father has thrown at her but this new twist in her fate has Netta extremely uneasy especially when she sees the heathen who has the luck to be the one to come through the gates next!

Mereck of Blackthorn, is the bastard half brother to Damron, Laird of the Morgan clan. Fearing the legend of his “Baresark” blood, Mereck has vowed never to love. When he enters Wycliff still in his full battle dress, his fearsome appearance only convinces Netta she must run and hide or she will be this barbarian’s mate! Clothed as a lowly servant, Mereck clearly sees through Netta’s disguise but plays along anyway. Delighted at his good fortune to be so easily awarded Netta’s hand in marriage along with his ancestral lands that Netta holds, Mereck vows to win over the headstrong Netta no matter how much she tries his patience. Netta stirs Mereck’s passion as no other lass ever has and despite his renowned temper and fierce bearing Mereck will have the rambunctious Netta for his own Midnight’s Bride!

I was very disappointed with Sophia Jordan’s Midnight’s Bride. It just did not live up to the amazing romance and splendor of her previous two books. I found Netta and her friend Elise to be two airheads who if you slapped some jeans and tee shirts on them and stuck some chewing gum in their mouths would be like the exasperating teenaged girls you see giggling in the malls of today! They were just way too clueless to be believable. I felt almost sorry for Mereck being saddled with such an obnoxious twit as Netta. There was none of the chemistry and fire I found so intriguing in the previous books, Always Mine and Risk Everything. Hopefully the very talented Sophia Jordan will get back on track with her next writing.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Bonnie.

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