by Allyson James

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-4-252-1844-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

San Francisco, California

It has been eight months since witch Saba Watanabe lost her dragon lover Malcolm. After helping their friends Lisa and Caleb defeat an evil witch who had been plotting to use them all for their magical powers, Malcolm a powerful black dragon, had chosen to return to his home in dragon space. He had left Saba his dragon tears and told her if she ever had need of him to just call him. Riding home late at night from a seminar, Saba felt something sinister come over the train car, and is soon faced with danger from a malicious white dragon who wants Saba for the power she can give him. Clutching the tears, Saba screams out for Malcolm, and the powerful black dragon returns to her.

After over 700 years, Malcolm is back in his dragon form at home in his precious archives of the dragons in dragon space. Yet Malcolm is far from content and something ominous is disturbing his precious books and writings. Yearning for his witch, Saba, has made Malcolm perturbed and he just canít figure it out in his mathematical mind why. Hearing her call his name is all Malcolm needs to go rushing back to her. The desire they each have for the other is insurmountable for the issue of Saba being a very human witch, and Malcolm being a dragon. The battle for dragon space and control over Malcolm is not going to be an easy one, and Saba will need all of her strength and magic to make The Black Dragon completely hers forever!

Allyson Jamesí next in her paranormal/erotic dragon series is The Black Dragon and continues the saga begun in the first Dragon Heat. Returning characters Malcolm and Saba get the much needed conclusion to their romance story, and an extra added bonus is the continuation of Caleb and Lisaís storyline culminating with the birth of their offspring. Added are some new characters, Axel and Metz who bring some much needed comic relief to an otherwise serious read.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Bonnie.

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