by Carly Phillips

January 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61055-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Rick Chandler has about had it with his momís meddling into his love life. He tried the marriage thing once and was not about to do it again. If she wanted grandchildren, Rick was going to let Roman and Charlotte handle having the babies. But his mom was not done encouraging all the single ladies in the small town of Yorkshire Falls. Rick always liked rescuing a lady in distress, well, not only ladies, he enjoyed helping everyone - guess that went along with him being a cop. However, the last call he went on he was not happy about at all. Lisa Burton did not know how to take ďnoĒ for an answer. His shift was over with but his replacement for the day was running late, so off he went to rescue a stranded lady.

Kendall was not happy to be stranded in the outskirts of town in a wedding dress. She was definitely not happy when the good-looking cop showed up to help her had a sarcastic attitude. She didnít know it, but Rick thought his mother had set this up as well. She had just bolted from her own wedding where the groom and she had a parting of the ways, realizing they didnít love each other and didnít want to get married.

Kendall came back to Yorkshire Falls only for one reason: to sell her auntsí house. Only she was in for a shock, it was not as she remembered it, the house was run down and she would need to do some major cleaning-up before it would even be ready for sale.

Rick was fighting his attraction to Kendall as he helped her with the improvements that needed to be made on the house. He was hoping that she would want to stay permanently in town. The bachelor was falling in love. Kendall also was falling in love with Rick and fighting the attraction each time she was around him.

Before the relationship could become more than just friends and fighting, they both had to deal with their past. For Rick, it was his former marriage. For Kendall, it was the way she was raised. Can she overcome her past to finally find a place she could call home, not only for herself but for her sister Hannah as well? Will she be able to put down roots and not run when things donít go smoothly? And they do not! A certain Lisa is planning to run Kendall out of town, because Lisa wants Rick all to herself.

Carly Phillips has another winner on her hands with The Playboy! I enjoyed this one more than I did The Bachelor. Ms. Phillips is known for her sexual tension and steamy hot sex scenes that she writes so well; there are a few in The Playboy as well. The characters are a joy to read about, we learn more about Chase, the older brother, as well as their mom and her relationship with Eric. We also see how Roman and Charlotte are doing since we last left them. Her writing puts you right there with the characters to feel the pain, the bumps in the road and the laughter they all enjoy and the loving family always willing to help each other.

Reviewed in December 2002 by Pam.

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