by Vanessa Del Fabbro

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-78590-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Mass Market Paperback

Monica Brunetti is still recovering from the gunshot wound she received from the car-jacking, but now she’s also raising her best friends two sons since her friend died from AIDS. She’s also in love. Everything seems to be going perfect.

Soon a series of crime hits the village, leaving it devastated. And a young girl is harboring a resentment toward Monica which is destroying Monica’s happiness. She is plunged into grief when her relationship with Zac ends. Monica struggles on, trying to raise her adopted boys as best she can, do her job as a journalist. Will Monica be able to make sense of her situation and possibly even find new love?

A Family in Full is the third book in this series by Ms. Del Fabbro. Readers will want to read the books in order in to be able to get the fullest enjoyment from the series, as the books are a continuation of each other.

Monica has come a long ways since the car-jacking and her days in the South African hospital. She’s a good mother, and a realistic character, responding to circumstances the way most would. She does make some bad decisions, but that is normal—and also makes for a book that’s interesting to read.

The faith message is expertly woven in, and the setting is unique. Description is this author’s strongest point, she makes the South African setting come alive. Don’t miss A Family in Full.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Laura.

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