by Stef Ann Holm

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77186-8
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Mass Market Paperback

In the mood for a good old fashioned romance with charm, a wholesome message, and a deep love for family? Be sure to pick up Stef Ann Holm's newest book, All the Right Angles.

Moretti Construction has just taken on a very big job. The Grove Marketplace renovation project is complex, expensive, and time-consuming but Moretti patriarch Giovanni relishes the challenge. With his family at the helm, particularly his only daughter, Francesca, the construction job is sure to be a success.

Architect Francesca Moretti is very happy for her father and cannot wait to dig in on the new project. However, she is definitely confused as to why her father involved Kyle Jagger, one of their chief competitors. Giovanni has his reasons however and he is sure that Kyle will be an asset to the project.

Kyle Jagger just wants to get his hands on Francesca. He knows it isn't a wise idea but she is so intelligent, lovely, and more than willing to go toe-to-toe with him on construction issues. He hasn't been this captivated with a woman since his divorce several years ago. Kyle is also getting the feeling that his desire is mutual. Francesca can claim all she wants that she just wants a business relationship, but as they grow closer, and as the construction job becomes even more complicated, more than heads will be involved. Kyle and Franci's hearts are about to find love in a big way.

This story was a wonderful beginning for Ms. Holm's new series. It was complex, emotional, strong, and a page-turner. While this book has a definite wholesome feel to it, this is quite fitting considering that the Morettis are Italian and food is their language just as much as love. The entire family is wonderful but Kyle and Franci's romance takes center stage. Holm creates a capable and strong romance with conflicts that are natural and fit easily into the overarching story.

All the Right Angles is more than all right--it's downright terrific!

Reviewed in September 2007 by Sarah.

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