by Kasey Michaels

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77280-3
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Mass Market Paperback

When we last saw young Rian Becket, he was wounded at Waterloo. Armed with only a pistol and unable to walk, he begged his fellow soldier, Valentine Clement, to save his sister and flee. As they rode away, gunshots were heard, and the young lieutenant was presumed dead.

He should have died on the battlefield. He is alive, but not living. For months he has languished in a French manor house being nursed back to health. He has his health, but he seems to be missing an arm, and has gained a large dose of self-pity. The only bright spot in his existence is the lovely nurse, Lisette.

Now that he has his wits about him, Rian starts wondering how he came to be at the manor. Who brought him here and why did they rescue him. Or was it a rescue? He seems to remember feeling as though someone was hunting him. A stranger had been asking about him at the troop encampment before the battle. Perhaps Lisette could provide some information about her employer.

Lisette is not at all who she appears to be. Her father has commanded that she befriend the young soldier and try to gain information about his family. She knows that there were other soldiers brought to the manor all with the surname Becket and that they were questioned and killed. What will happen to Rian? Does she want to follow through with her assignment or could she help Rian escape his benefactors?

All roads lead to Rome, they say, and in this case, all Romney Marsh novels lead to the final book and a confrontation with Edmund Beales, the mastermind behind it all. In this novel, The Return of the Prodigal, author Kasey Michaels sets the stage, gathers all of the players, and surprises readers with a few more stunning events. We are all anxiously awaiting the last story in the series.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Paula.

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