by Kristine Grayson

January 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7148-5
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Mass Market Paperback

One of the things thatís so cool about this book is the pace. Everything goes very quickly. The author doesnít lapse into page after page of descriptive text. As a result, Simply Irresistible is a book that easily held my attention through Ďtil the end.

The characters were interesting, with reappearances by characters from Graysonís previous books, Completely Smitten and Utterly Charming. Our heroine, Vivian Kineally, is a character I very much enjoyed. She has the gift of sight, able to see or sense things that are happening. That sheís comfortable with her gift and willing to use it is something that I always love seeing in a heroine with special abilities.

Vivian is abruptly thrust into a world of magic and deities she hadnít known existed when the three Fates come to her in crisis. Itís they who lead her to our hero, Dexter Grant. Dexter is a mage, one whose tender heart has gotten him in trouble with the Fates on numerous occasions. So, heís wary when Vivian appears asking for his help to save the three women.

What follows is an interesting tale of good versus evil. Although the actual final battle is anti-climactic, Grayson does a nice job imbuing the villain with characteristics that will make the readers hate her, if only on a female-to-female level. As a villainess, she lacks whatever it is that makes the readers feel as if the villain has a chance, however slim, of winning.

The only real complaint I have about Simply Irresistible, is that it leaves the Fatesí outcome unresolved. Whether Grayson did so because thereís a book following this one that resolves the issue, I donít know, but not knowing left me feeling slightly dissatisfied with the ending.

I do recommend Simply Irresistible for those who enjoy a lot of magic with their romance. And although the romance is a bit less intense than Iíd have liked, I was still very pleased to see Vivian and Dexter get together.

I strongly suggest that readers read the preceding books before delving into this one as the returning characters do more than make cameos.

Reviewed in December 2002 by JaToya.

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