by Katherine Kingston

October 2002
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These Ellora’s Cave “quickies” pack quite a bit of punch in only 50 ebook pages!

Lady Anne has had enough of betrothal negotiations! All she wants to do is get married… NOW! But her father and intended are quibbling over details such as dowries… and who else knows? And determined woman that she is, she sets about compromising her intended, just to hurry up the proceedings. What results is similar to a slow striptease of Anne’s seduction of her betrothed, Lord Richard Hartwell.

A slow seduction is a lot more sexier than a quickie, as anyone will agree – I think! But more than that, Lady Anne and Lord Richard are also well-defined characters in such a short story. Lady Anne is stubborn, determined, impulsive… and a very willing innocent. Lord Richard is a perfect foil for Anne’s inexperience and impetuosity – he’s controlled, experienced and sexy as heck! These are two very enjoyable characters that would have been great in a full-length novel. (Besides, I'm really curious as to what else Richard had in mind besides the spanking....)

Though the story is more a scene or a vignette than anything else, it clearly pictures the whole dilemma or relationship between Richard and Anne, as well as Anne’s familial relations, which lends a rather complete picture of Anne’s character and Richard’s association. But make no mistake - Daring Passion is as hot as any Ellora’s Cave story out there and worth every short-lived minute to read it!

Reviewed in December 2002 by Veronica.

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