by Eden Bradley

January 2008
ISBN: 978-0-553-38510-6
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Trade Paperback

Seven Days of Kama Sutra

Lilli DeForrest has no idea what to expect when her old friend Caroline invites her to Exotica for a week of luxurious pampering and delicious pleasures. When she meets her Rogan, her companion for the week, Lilli is instantly dazzled by his beauty and sensuality. For Lilli, her visit to exotica is a chance to regain her confidence in her sexual desires. However, their relationship is not meant to be a lasting one, but plans change.

Nine Days of Arabian Nights

Exotica’s stunning manager, Caroline Winter has never been tempted to indulge in the fantasies the resort specializes in. When she hires a new companion Caroline takes the opportunity to live out her fantasy with the darkly exotic Kian. He challenges her to discover all his secrets and tell him hers. She is tempted to relinquish all control when she is in his arms. But Kian’s deepest secret may devastated her and threaten to end their tentative love.

Eden Bradley’s passionate new voice emerges with another stirring erotic offering with Exotica. You will be moved by these stories about finding the strength to seek out pleasures that fulfill even if they are not ordinary. It takes a great deal of strength to forge your own path and that is what Eden Bradley, and her heroines, do. Go. Buy. Enjoy.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Cynthia.

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