by Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Diane Whiteside

ISBN: 978-0425218761
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Beyond the Dark is a collection of erotic loves stories with a paranormal twist.

Angela Knight creates a new universe with Dragon Dance in which certain humans have mysteriously gained strange and unexpected powers. When the cops, led by hostage negotiator Arial Dean, need helping stopping a man before he kills his family, Tracker arrives to help take the Hyper into custody. But with just one touch, Arielís world changes forever and she has to trust Tracker with her life. While this may be a new story for Ms. Knight, readers will have no trouble recognizing this authorís style, not to mention her steamy sex scenes.

Caught by the Tides is Diane Whitesideís contribution and takes us back to 1803 England in which battles are fought by magic as much as by warfare. When Emma Sinclair spies an unconscious man on a nearby beach, she drags him home and nurses him back to health. Owen realizes Emmaís nearness increases his powers, and the more contact they have with each other, the stronger he becomes. With a ruthless enemy determined to kill Owen and capture Emma, these two find themselves in each others arms, fighting for their country, and their hearts. While this story was harder for me to follow and didnít have the same feel to it as the other three stories, in the end it was very satisfactory.

Emma Holly continues her Demon series with Queen of All She Surveys in which Prince Memnon finds himself being traded to an enemy queen in exchange for the lives of several of his soldiers. He may just be the newest addition to Queen Touís harem, but soon she realizes heís the only one who can truly satisfy her. Tou goes from being an enemy to an ally and Memnon finds himself caught between family loyalty and his heartís true love. Though short, this story packs a punch with itís medley of spicy sex scenes and heartwarming main characters.

Last, but certainly not least, Lora Leigh delights readers with the latest in her Breed series - In a Wolfís Embrace. When Grace accidentally witnesses Matthias carrying out an assassination, he takes her captive. Though his partners think it better to just kill her, Matthias has recognized his mate and will not allow her to be harmed. Grace fell in love with Matthias almost the first time she met him, and while sheís scared, her arousal rivals her fear. Now Matthias just has to hope she can find it in her to accept him because he knows he cannot live without her. Matthias is such a tortured hero and this reader thoroughly enjoyed watching him find love and compassion for the first time in his life.

A must read for fans of all these authors and I guarantee it will heat up a cold winter day.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Jackie.