by Lucy Monroe

December 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1180-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

TGP Agent Alan Hyatt is undercover as a reporter investigating the Vancouver film industry. His real mission however is to find out who is stealing dangerous and highly important technology. Alan is a pro at going undercover and he has yet to meet a curveball that can stop him from completing his mission.

However, his landlady, Jillian Sinclair may be the unexpected disturbance that will throw him off track permanently. Jillian is flirty, fun, sweet, and all too beautiful. She also has one hard and fast rule that she never breaks: no fraternizing amongst housemates. That means the hot lust coursing through Alan has no place to go.

Jillian is in a tizzy over her new boarder, Alan. He is sexy, amusing, intelligent, and is seriously tempting her to break her house rule. But Jillian does not want a relationship. She is all about Mr. Right Now, never Mr. Right.

Alan has an investigation to get under way, and even Jillian cannot be ruled out as a suspect. But how can he convince his heart that he cannot fall in love with Jillian?

Deal With This is the second story in Lucy Monroe's Goddard Project series. It is a solid enough romance. Jillian and Alan have an abundance of heat and sensuality between them. However, their romantic encounters started to become too much as the story continued, while the plot part of the story, particularly Alan's investigation, seemed weak in comparison. Both storylines became rather tedious after awhile.

However, Alan and Jillian were interesting characters to spend some time with, and there is no doubt that the love between them is true.

Deal With This, while not my favorite Lucy Monroe title in recent months, is still a fairly solid story.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Sarah.

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