by Erin McCarthy

January 2008
ISBN: 978-0425217184
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Vampire Gwenna Carrick does not have much going on in her life. Sure, she lives in Las Vegas, a hotbed of excitement and thrills, but that does not mean Gwenna enjoys many of those thrills. With her vampire ex-husband, Roberto Donatelli, determined to run her to ground and win her heart again, Vegas feels more like a prison than a place of freedom. Her life is somewhat enlivened by the irony of participating in a vampire slayers' online loop. It's quite amusing reading the posts from the people determined to eliminate vampires. Unfortunately, that is where the trouble comes in.

When Gwenna gets involved in a murder investigation, her life becomes a whole lot more complicated. Detective Nate Thomas knows there is something odd about Gwenna, and he is sure she is somehow connected to the murder, but that does not stop him from being very attracted to her. There is just something about her that helps him forget his own problems.

Gwenna never meant to hook up with Nate for one wild night, but now she is having a very hard time letting him go. Happiness is on her horizon if only she is brave enough to grab it.

Erin McCarthy charms and amuses again in her Vegas vampire series. Gwenna is a sweet woman who is just trying to fit in to the twenty-first century after a lifetime of hurts, pains and solitudes. It took her awhile to break out of her shell, but when she finally did, I was quite impressed and more than a little amused. Gwenna is not going to let anything stand in her way of solving the murder she has unwittingly become involved in, and she starts to apply that kick-butt attitude to other aspects of her life, including Nate, with great effect.

Nate is a grumbling, gruff man but in Gwenna he finds a bit of light and romance. I enjoyed watching their relationship evolve. Erin McCarthy adds her own unique blend of romance, suspense, and Las Vegas panache in Sucker Bet, a true crowd pleaser on every level.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Sarah.

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