by Nora Roberts

ISBN: 0-373-48441-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Time and Again is a reissue of two previously released, separate Silhouette novels by Nora Roberts, Time Was and Times Change.

In the first novel, Time Was, a pilot from the 23rd century finds himself miraculously transported to the twentieth century when his ship crashes in the isolated Oregon mountains. Thankfully for the pilot, Liberty Stone witnesses what she believes to be a plane crash while standing on her parentsí rustic cabin porch during an evening storm. She doesnít hesitate to offer help to the one survivor she finds, Caleb Hornblower, and she immediately moves him to the cabin she is staying in alone while working on a dissertation for her anthropology work.

Caleb has no idea that he has traveled over 300 years back in time; he believes the cabin to be a natural reserve of some sort until he finds a new looking book with a copyright date that couldnít possibly be correct. After gaining some terrifying answers to his questions, Cal has to accept the fact that he has somehow ended up in the 20th century. Now the hard part Ė how to convince Libby of something he, a man from the future with technology Libby hasnít even imagined, can hardly believe himself! And even harder, how to get back to his own time and leave the woman he has started to fall in love with?

As an anthropologist, Libby has always been more interested in the past than the present, which is one of the reasons that has contributed to why she is still a virgin at 23 years old. But Libby has never met a man like Cal before and everything about him fascinates her scientific mind and stimulates urges she never knew she had. Cal likewise hasnít came across any woman like Libby in his time and despairs to think that she might be his true "match" when they are literally centuries apart from one another. Only Nora Roberts can unite these two lovers in the struggle against time itself.

In Times Change Jacob Hornblower searches for his brother, Cal, who he believes to have traveled back in time to the 20th century. Jacob finds much more than he bargained for when he meets Calís sister-in-law, Sunbeam Stone at the cabin his brother was supposed to be living in. As first meetings go, theirs is quite a change from the norm when instead of shaking hands and exchanging names, Sunny and J.T. fight Kung-Foo style and then compare black belt levels!

Things get even more interesting when Sunny learns that J.T. has come to her parentís cabin to bring his brother ďback to his sensesĒ and convince him to return home with him. Sunny has no idea that ďhomeĒ is almost 300 years in the future, she only knows that her sister is truly in love and happy with Cal and she isnít going to let some arrogant and eccentric scientist break up their happy marriage!

Tempers flair, hormones rage and before either of them realize it, they have followed down the same path as their siblings and are in love with insurmountable problems to overcome before they can find a happy future together.

Although they are both interesting and time-worthy novels (no pun intended!), Times Change is my favorite of the two, mainly for the humor that is much more present and the dynamic personalities involved. I found myself struggling to contain the laughter at J.T.ís disparaging perceptions of 20th century technology and of Sunny questioning his sanity because of his strange remarks and apparent clueless-ness of simple things like faucets and car radios.

If I have any complaints regarding the novels, it would have to be the apparent ease both heroines had in believing the men's tales of being from the future and accepting that fact. Besides a brief spurt of thinking them to be crazy, both Sunny and Libby readily accepted their explanations and moved on from there. Despite that, both novels were well written and fun to read and are sure to please any Nora Roberts fan.

Time travel novels have always interested me. I love reading authors' ideas on what the future may be like and seeing how characters react to life that is completely different than that in their own time. However, the reader must be able to suspend disbelief and not question the scientific possibilities of such to really enjoy the story. If that isnít a problem, you will most certainly enjoy Nora Robertís Time and Again!

Reviewed in December 2002 by Nicole.

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