by Jenna Petersen

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-113809-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jenna Petersen is back with her third book in her Lady Spies series. Full of danger, intrigue and fiery passion, Mr. Petersen delivers her readers a wonderful romance bound to ward off the chills of your fall season nights.

Lady Emily Redgrave is daring, beautiful, intelligent and one of the talented spies in a secret society of lady spies. Having recovered from a bullet wound, Emily is itching to return to work, but her friends and superiors feel that she is still not ready to return to her duties of protecting England. When she is finally given an assignment it is to protect a Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield from an unknown enemy who seeks his destruction. The only problem she sees is that Grant is a man who will least likely need protection from her or anyone else. There has to be more to this than she was told.

Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield is one of the most decorated spies in the War Department. After an assignment in which someone he cared about was killed, he became restless and seeking danger wherever he could find it. His superiors did not think he was fit for a real assignment so they decided to give him a simple case to work on. Someone was threatening Lady Emily Redgrave and Grant was to protect her at all costs.

As Emily and Grant go about their duties of protecting each other, without the other knowing what they were doing, Emily falls upon a real that involves the Prince Regent and a plot against him. What follows is a fast paced game of intrigue and passion that neither of them can stop from happening. How will they save the Prince and guard their hearts as well?

I truly enjoyed Emily and Grantís story. Full of passion and sensuality, it is a real page-turner and is a definite keeper for your historical romance collection.


Reviewed in September 2007 by Debbie.

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