by Elin Hilderbrand

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-316-01858-6
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As the weather outside turns cold, you could cuddle up next to the fire and pretend that youíre in Nantucket during the summer, enjoying the beach and all that goes with life on the beach for a summer, by reading Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand.

Barefoot is a touching read as three woman, two who are sister's, and the best friend of one, head to Nantucket each to escape life in the city, but each with a problem that weighs them down. Will the summer help them to heal, in possibly more ways than one?

Vickie is the mother of two young boys, and has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. She has decided that she wants to have chemotherapy on Nantucket and try to enjoy a summer at the beach with her children, sister, Brenda, and best friend, Melanie.

Brenda, jumps at the chance to spend the summer in Nantucket. She plans on tending her nephews and writing a screenplay. She has been unceremoniously dumped from her prestigious teaching job at Champion University.

Melanie, Vickieís best friend has been struggling for years to have a baby. Now she has discovered that her husband is engaging in an affair, and finally after one spontaneous night of sex she is pregnant.

These woman form a bond while on Nantucket, but one that is surely tested as the true reasons each has chosen to come to Nantucket begins to come to life. The struggles and support of Vickie, Brenda, and Melanie will truly tug on readerís heartstrings.

I personally have never read Elin Hilderbrand, but I found myself truly unable to put Barefoot down. In some ways, I was reminded of Barbara Delinsky as I read. With the holidayís approaching, Iím going to be asking for gift cards so that I may stock up on Ms. Hilderbrandís backlist.

Reviewed in November 2007 by Sandi.

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