by Jayne Ann Krentz

October 2001
ISBN: 0-399-14669-5
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Cady Briggs is an art consultant who specializes in European decorative arts. It's not that simple however - she comes from a line of art specialists; the Briggs family owns one of the most renowned art galleries, Chatelaine's, headed by the Briggs matriarch and Cady's aunt, Vesta Briggs. Cady has no interest in running the gallery but her Aunt Vesta is constantly insisting that she should have an important part in the family business.

Mack Easton needed an art consultant to work with him in his business, Lost and Found, which tracks lost, missing and stolen antiques for very high-brow clients. The last three jobs hadn't necessitated in meeting Cady - their interaction so far had consisted of phone calls and emails, all of which only served to heighten both Mack's and Cady's interest in each other. The last job, though definitely not high-brow, finally brought them face-to-face.

Sparks flew, subtle flirting and hot sex transpired - but Mack thought that Cady was out to steal the already stolen artifact which she was hired to locate. Cady couldn't possibly be with someone who thought her a liar and a thief - so she quit as his consultant and put him in the doghouse permanently.

It was her Aunt Vesta's death that put Cady in touch with Mack again. This time, she wants to hire him to investigate her aunt's suspicious death. Although Mack's expertise was in tracing missing antiques, he wasn't about to pass up a chance to be with Cady again… for whatever reason.

Lost & Found is as entertaining as Jayne Ann Krentz's previous works - and just as engaging! The romance between Mack and Cady is first rate - it's hard not to get caught up in their verbal play and subtle courting dance as well as the involving mystery that surrounds them. It's thoroughly amusing to see Cady act as if she's never slept with Mack - while Mack tries his hardest to remind her of that fact! There are layers to Mack and Cady that will keep a reader on their toes - Ms. Krentz does a fine job of keeping the characters, their romance and the story riveting. The secondary characters are interesting and they successfully maintain the murder mystery plot.

There's not a character or scene wasted on this story - so be prepared to stay with the book until the end!

Reviewed in December 2001 by Veronica.

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