by Lani Aames, Rebecca Airies, Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Megan Kerans, Melany Logan, Cheyenne McCray

June 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0865-3
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In Lani Aames’ Gillian’s Island, two couples find themselves stranded on an island in the Caribbean. Devon’s Vix by Rebecca Airies brings us the story of a woman transforming into a Vix (a female vampire) and the vampire shows up to reclaim her. Wendy’s Summer Job by Charlotte Boyett-Compo… one woman looking for a job, three brothers needing a secretary and four fantasies come true. Megan Kerans tells us about a man who no longer believes in anything, including himself, and the woman who comes to believe in him in Chasing the Dragon. Viking’s Pledge by Melany Logen is the story of a Viking prince in love with his Thrall and willing to give up everything for her. Cheyenne McCray’s Taking It All Lisa’s having a very bad day when she backs into Brad as he’s walking behind her car, but now it’s about to get much better.

When reviewing an anthology with more than three books it’s difficult to give each story the attention they deserve and keep you, the reader of this review, interested! However, in general, each story would be given the same glowing review. Gillian’s Island is a great “view” of the insecurities felt by four different people in their relationships. It’s filled with romance and has a happy ending. Devon’s Vix is a hot story of a vampire who proves to the vix he loves that she needs him. Wendy’s Summer Job is HOT!! OMG, what can I say about a book with one woman and three men? The thing I would really like is a book for each of the brothers, though we are told about their loves. Chasing the Dragon is a great science fiction story. The world is sterile and our heroine is a very tactical person. She is sent after a man the government wants dead to obtain his help in saving the world… what she finds is love and acceptance. Viking’s Pledge, while not my favorite story, will ensconce the reader in Sweden AD 917. This is a world and dialect I am completely unfamiliar with and as such I was completely lost. However, I could tell the love our hero had for our heroine when he offered to lose everything for her. Taking It All is a hot story of a dominating man and the submissive woman who almost runs him over. She finds her self unable to deny him anything, even sex in a public place!

All six of these stories are rich in love and sex. Every one of them left me with a soft sigh and a need for a cold shower! I’m certain you will enjoy this anthology.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Vikky.