by Lorraine Heath

September 2002
ISBN: 0-380-81742-X
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Mass Market Paperback

What do a Texas girl and an English lord have in common? Nothing much really, except their lack of money and a growing appreciation of each other’s differences.

Devon Sheridan, the seventh Earl of Huntingdon, is head-over-heels in debt and has decided to marry Georgina Pierce, an American heiress, to save his family estate. Georgina’s father had sealed the deal, agreeing to give Devon a substantial amount, or most of what he has, after the marriage. Not long after the deed is done, Mr. Pierce dies and it is revealed that he has gambled away his fortune, even acquiring debt, making Devon’s marriage to Georgina useless.

But Devon’s a proper and honorable man – he won’t annul his marriage despite his quick reversal of fortune (or rather the same state of fortune before his marriage) – he even goes as far as promising to pay the late Mr. Pierce’s debts, in addition to his own. And despite all this, Devon manages to keep appearances – not in an extravagant sense, but in not attending social events he manages to keep his desperate circumstance out of the gossip mill… including from his own bride.

Georgina’s not just a silly, social American heiress, however – nor is she blind to her new, impoverished state, to which she is familiar with before her father got rich. Having been poor before, Georgina adapts and even has fun with it. Devon, on the other hand, isn’t as entertained, and he also isn’t making it any easier for Georgina to manage their household. Stubborn and determined to right the wrong that her father has done, Georgina works to help Devon manage. In their course of arguing and working together to revive Devon’s estate, they predictably fall in love.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a predictable romance – with a handsome and honorable hero, and an intelligent, spunky heroine, coupled with Lorraine Heath’s delightful writing flair, you can’t go wrong with To Marry An Heiress.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Veronica.

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