by Carly Phillips

December 2002
ISBN: 0-373-69105-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Rina Lowell is beginning her life over after she is left a widow. She takes a job as a columnist in a different city. She has never been a columnist before but she has ideas on what she wants to write about - a series on what men find attractive, i.e a woman’s looks, her personality, etc. She is also coming out of her shell, spreading her wings, getting back into life. Spreading those wings also includes getting back in the dating game; she is looking for a short-term relationship and she has set her sights on one Mr. Colin Lyons.

Colin Lyons is the adopted son of the owner of the newspaper that Rina is working for. The only problem is he is not running the paper but is trying to get it back on track as a hard news newspaper and not the fluff, as what he considers it as well as the investors. The only problem is Rina. He is attracted to her and that is something he doesn’t want to happen. He knows that in the end he will break Rina’s heart as well as cause her to lose her job.

Rina and Colin both hit it off from the start and the attraction draws them to each other, but more on an in depth level and not just a physical one. Oh, there is a physical attraction and it is acted upon more than once. But they are both scared of what has happened to them in the past. Colin is afraid of letting anyone into his life; he is scared that if he loves them and lets them in his heart they will leave him like his parents did when they died.

Who else but Carly Phillips could have a heroine write an article on her observation of what men are attracted to and then have the heroine put them into play. Simply Sexy is just that... sexy in the simplest way. The story is full of love, forgiveness, and understanding and, of course, sexual tension and sex that sparks, sizzles and ignites. We cannot forget the matchmaker Ms. Emma Montgomery that tries to bring them together when they hit bumps in the road.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Pam.

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