by Elizabeth Amber

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0758220394
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Lord Nicholas Satyr and his two brothers, Raine and Lyon, have been entrusted with safeguarding the gate between ElseWorld and EarthWorld. Upon his death a remorseful King Feydon, ruler of ElseWorld, charges Nick and his brothers with finding and marrying his half human daughters in the hope of protecting them from impending peril. Nicholas travels to Rome to find his intended. Nickís determination to marry and resume his normal life is put to the test after meeting his bride to be Jane Cova. After Jane expresses unhappiness with their relationship Nick finds himself following a path he never dreamed he would take with his wife.

Jane Cova wants nothing more then to save enough money and be able to runaway from her father and aunt with her sister. Although marriage to Nicholas Satyr isnít ideal it proves to be a lesser of two evils and might just turn out to be the blessing sheís been hoping for. Jane hopes that she and Nick will be able to form a strong enough relationship that she will be able to reveal her deepest secrets to Nick and still be accepted. Janeís marriage doesnít start off on the best note and she despairs of her life with Nick but soon becomes determined to seize her happiness by traveling on an unconventional road with her husband. Jane and Nick's budding relationship is threatened by dark forces and they must form an unbreakable bond if they are to withstand the danger ahead.

Nicholas, The Lords of Satyr is a sizzling read that will cause readers to become overheated. Janeís difficulty in coming to terms with what she is is heart touching but it is her awakening sexuality that enthralls because it leads to her full acceptance of herself. Nicholasís confusion between a wifeís duties and those of a mistress are fascinating when he starts to accept that he might be able to meld the two ideas into one very satisfying and fulfilling relationship with his wife. Elizabeth Amber has created a red hot story and intriguing characters that readers will enjoy and be eager to find out what is in store for them. Elizabeth Amber is fantastic at creating richly sensual scenes that titillate and draw readers into the moment. I am greatly looking forward to reading about Nickís brothers quest to find their intended brides and of the tribulations that lay ahead for them and the peoples of ElseWorld and EarthWorld.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Claudia.

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