by Michele Sinclair

June 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0013-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scotland, 1307

When her older half-brother assumed their fatherís titles and lands, Lady Laurel Cordell knew she must leave England. Her heart belonged in Scotland with her maternal grandfather, Laird MacInnes. Not long into their trek, Laurel and her guards are attacked by the rogue Douglass clan. Claiming beautiful Laurel for his ďwifeĒ Keith Douglass tries beating the brave lass into submission. When Laurel sees a chance to escape she takes it. Fleeing into the woods, Laurel runs smack dab into the middle of another group of Highlanders, the fiercely proud McTiernays. Determined to fight this group as well for her freedom, Laurel is taken aback when their chieftain, Connor, promises that no harm will come to her with them and gives her his protection. Connor claims Laurel as "his" taking her further into the highlands to his home.

Laird Connor McTiernay was leading his younger brothers and several clansmen back home from a family wedding when his warriors are attacked by a dirty grimy lass claiming she is just a lost English woman. Connor has his doubts immediately as to the girlís story suspecting there is more to it then she is letting on. Always mistrustful of women and their seductive ways, Connor is a confirmed bachelor, swearing never to take a wife. But there is something about the spunky Lady Laurel who boldly stands up to him showing no fear of his blustery ways. Can this be the woman who will finally find the way into Connorís heart?

The Highlanderís Bride by newcomer Michele Sinclair starts out promising but then detours into a basic ho hum romance plotline. (Nothing new here!) A typical alpha male, Connor bellows his rage at his beautiful heroine, (and yes, we hear how beautiful Laurel is over and over again), while she throws her temper tantrums right back at him. The thrill of the chase is limited between the two lovers as immediately Connorís resolve to remain single goes out the window and he claims Laurel is his. (He doesnít even know her!) The book has a terrible editing job, there were many spelling and grammatical errors. If you arenít picky about your romance books, and enjoy simple plots seeded with hot steamy love scenes then The Highlanderís Bride will provide that for you.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Bonnie.

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