by Jasmine Haynes

November 2007
ISBN: 978-0425219171
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Faith Castle may be an heiress, but she is not content to spend her days shopping and spa-hopping. As a kindergarten teacher, Faith loves her students and has joy in teaching them. Since she is not beauty-queen material, this may be the closest she gets to having children of her own. Approaching thirty, her biological clock has stopped ticking and has started to clamor for a family. With no boyfriend in sight, Faith knows that she could have her pick of ambitious suitors who would be happy with her money, but she wants more. She wants a partner who will care about their children and while all-consuming romance may not be in the cards, some affection would be nice.

Connor Kingston is an ambitious man. He has seen first-hand what love can do to destroy lives, and wants no part of it. He wants an honest relationship that will benefit both parties with no smoke and mirrors. When he meets Faith Castle, he may have found what he is looking for.

At first, Faith is stunned by Connor’s proposition. Why should she settle for less than love? But she is strongly attracted to the handsome businessman, and strangely, he seems honestly attracted to her. When their first “date” spirals into aching need, Faith must consider her options carefully. Perhaps Connor does have the right idea.

What starts out as a relationship of convenience becomes much more in the hands of a gifted, character-driven, author. Jasmine Haynes brings readers a steamy, erotic tale of two people who yearn to be set free. The Fortune Hunter may sound like a familiar plot, but Ms. Haynes finds ways to make it her own. By the end of the novel, readers will need a cold shower, and a glass of champagne to toast love’s triumph.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Paula.

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