by Linda Winstead Jones

May 2007
ISBN: 0425215741
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Pure hearted Rayne has been left chained and imprisoned in her own home by the demon possessed Prince Ciro, who vowed to return after claiming his father’s throne and make her his bride! Rayne wished for death rather then face that! Every day she tries to reason with the once faithful servant whom Ciro left as guard for his “beloved.” Then the rescue Rayne prayed for over many months comes in the form of an elite group of warriors lead by Lyr Hern, the Prince of Swords.

According to the prophecy of the firstborn, Lyr must find the Crystal dagger and use it to kill Ciro and the Isen Demon that possesses his body. Led by visions from his cousin to this remote house in the mountains, it is here where the dagger is hidden. Discovering the imprisoned woman Ciro intends to wed and make the mother to his demonic offspring, Lyr rescues her from the soulless guards of Ciro’s own only to doubt her claims of innocence. After Rayne recovers the dagger from its hiding place, she convinces Lyr to take her with him rather then leave her behind and soon begins to ingratiate herself into his tight knit group of swordsmen. Deciding Lyr must be the one to take her innocence so she will no longer be “pure” for Ciro’s evil schemes, Rayne must persuade The Prince of Swords she is also his destiny!

The Prince of Swords is the conclusion to this stirring trilogy begun with Prince of Magic and continued on in Prince of Fire. Author Linda Winstead Jones gives us a culmination with a strong and honorable hero in the form of Lyr Hern and a heroine who rises above her horrible fate to take control of her own providence through her inner strength and powers she wasn’t even aware she had! Together they are an awesome duo but we patiently waited through three books to see the wicked Ciro get his just deserts, only to have the climax of his defeat over with the turn of a page or two. Overall, this is a good paranormal series, and all fans of this genre won’t want to miss it.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Bonnie.

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