by Carol Lynne

July 2007
ISBN: 978-1-906328-12-2
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Max Henley, a secondary character in Carol Lynne's Coach is back and starring as the main character in Side-Lined.

Max is in mourning. Even though two years have gone by since his best friend and lover Nick was killed in a drunk driving accident, Max still has not moved on. His father is worried for him but it is the presence of Max's professor, Alec Demakis, who may help Max finally see what life has to offer.

Max is very attracted to Alec. Though Alec is older, they share a strong attraction. But Alec is a Dom and he is afraid that Max may not handle Alec's desires well. But Max is stronger than he looks and he wants all that Alec can give him.

Another very sexy story. Alec and Max certainly set the sheets on fire. I felt bad for Max because of his loss but I also wanted to tell him to grow up, that loss happens. It is how we deal with it afterwards that matters. I'm not sure how strong Max was as a character because much of his strength came courtesy of his new relationship. However, there was never any doubt that he was more than a match for Alec, and that is what mattered.

Reading about these men falling in love is very enticing in Carol Lynne's Side-Lined.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Sarah.

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