by Cara Summers

August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-793464
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #342
Mass Market Paperback

Theo Angelis is looking forward to a weekend with his brothers. He spends too many hours in his criminal defense practice, and he needs a break. He knows that he has withdrawn from his family lately, but he wants to make sure they are safe. After that incident with a stalker put everyone at risk, Theo is not taking any chances.

Sadie Oliver has received a message from her sister Julianna. The cryptic note only gives her a location – St. Peter’s Church – and a time – 7 p.m. Rushing in at the last minute, the first thing Sadie hears is gunshots. Then she sees her brother Roman chasing a man she does not recognize. Roman tells her to stay down as he tries to find their sister. More shots fire and Roman falls to the floor. Before he passes out, Roman tells her about the secret wedding and begs her to flee.

The last person Theo expects to see at the fishing cabin is Sadie Oliver. She is pale and has obviously come to him for a reason. As the story unfolds, Theo realizes that the police are probably looking for Sadie and may even suspect her as an accomplice in the shooting. He never doubts her integrity or honesty and knows that if the police are looking for her, other involved parties may also be searching for her.

Author Cara Summer wraps up all the loose ends in The Defender. With the previous two books in the trilogy, this miniseries is sure to be a hit for vacation reading. The Angelis brothers have found their soul mates in dramatic fashion.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Paula.

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