by Carla Neggers

January 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-651-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Goose Harborís Chief of Police, Patrick West, is shot dead in the nature preserve established by his aunt, the famous author of the Periwinkle books, Olivia West. His daughter, Zoe, also a cop, not only discovers his dead body while out on her morning jog, but also works non-stop to find his killer. When she fails, a distraught and disheartened Zoe gives up her chance at the FBI academy and takes up another job as a detective in a different state. Fans of Carla Neggers will recognize Zoe West as the intrepid detective from her previous book, Stonebrook Cottage. After the fiasco involving the Governorís murder and the Texas Ranger, Zoe is fired. A restless Zoe is already contemplating returning home and dealing with her painful past, when she gets phone calls from Goose Harbor about the FBI agent whoís supposedly vacationing there. Certain other disturbing incidents prompt her to speedily return home.

FBI Special Agent, J. B. McGrath is on an enforced vacation after working a dangerous undercover job for nearly a year, at the end of which he barely escaped with his neck intact but with some shocking emotional scars. He himself isnít sure if he chose Goose Harbor as his retreat because of his genealogical roots to the place or Patrick Westís unsolved murder. Then Zoe comes back into town and sparks fly between these two people who are so alike and yet so different. No one is Goose Harbor seems happy about either of their presence, certain that they wonít let sleeping dogs lie. And they donít! Conspiracies abound and danger is suddenly everywhere as Zoe and McGrath try to distinguish friend from foe. Will they discover the truth in time? Whoís the real culprit?

Carla Neggers is a master of suspense and demonstrates her consummate skill with her latest romantic suspense, The Harbor! Ms. Neggers totally captivated me with her remarkable writing Ė I was hooked before I had finished reading the first few pages! She writes in such a way that you never know what might happen next! The keen attention to detail in depicting the atmosphere of a typical coastal Maine town, with the lobster boats and the salty tang of sea air, is also wonderful and authentic. The two main protagonists, Zoe and J.B, with their fights with their own personal demons and how they deal with danger, renders them highly believable and their verbal clashes are a joy to read! The mystery is so good that the killerís identity and motive come as a complete surprise.

To sum up Ė The Harbor is an absolute treat for the readers! Enjoy it!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Rashmi.

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