by Lauren Dane

June 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1006-1
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When Kari is attacked by a feral dog, her world is turned upside down - in more ways than one! Turning into a werewolf once a month was never part of her agenda. In fact, she refuses to believe her situation, until Andreas Phinney proves to her, her new found status. As his destined mate, Andreas holds Kari ‘captive’ among his pack until she realizes that being a werewolf isn’t all bad - especially when your mate is a six foot tall, dark, handsome hunk.

As Kari embraces her new life, and a new lover, she discovers being a werewolf Alpha isn’t easy. Someone inside the pack doesn’t like Kari’s position and will do anything to get rid of her - including taking her life.

In a world where violence and dominance are second nature, Kari must adhere to the notion ‘kill or be killed’ if she is to survive…

Ascension is the first book I have read by Lauren Dane, and it won’t be the last. From the opening pages, Ascension thrusts the reader into a world where pack law rules and werewolves are sexy creatures who don’t shy away from the erotic pleasure in life. As an erotic romance, this book sizzles! Dane explores a sensual world where taking pleasure in the flesh is a pure delight, whether it is a male/female pairing, or a male/male one. The characters and storyline are engaging and gripping, making you want to keep reading late into the night.

Ascension receives a big thumbs up from this reviewer.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Donna.

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