by Brenda K Jernigan

May 1999
ISBN: 0-8217-6205-2
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Mass Market Paperback

The Dukeís Lady is Brenda K Jerniganís first book, and what a treat it is!

Adam Trent, Duke of St. Ives, may be British by birth, but heís an American at heart. Having been raised on the continent, his loyalties do not lie with Briton, but with America. In his loyalty, he has been a spy for Gen. Jackson, gathering information from his British contacts and giving that information to the General to help in the fight for freedom from British rule.

When Adam receives word that his grandfather has passed away, he has no choice but to leave his plantation in New Orleans and return to England to settle his grandfatherís affairs. He has no intention of staying on British soil, but as long as heís here, he may as well gather as much information on the British troops and what their form of attack may be, and then report his findings to his friend General Andrew Jackson, in America.

While out riding along the seaís edge near his ancestral estate, Adam finds a woman lying on the beach. Unconscious, the woman is still alive, but barely. Who is she? Is she from the shipwreck that Adam viewed from his castle windows last night? Taking her to his home, Adam feels a powerful pull to protect this woman, but why?

Jewel Bona wakes to find herself, not aboard a ship, but in a beautiful, feminine bedchamber. Where is she? And most confusing of all, who is she? She can remember that her name is Jewel, but nothing else. Frightened and alone, Jewel struggles with regaining her strength and catching glimpses of her memory, only to have them fade away again. She is told that she is staying at the residence of the Duke of St. Ives and that she is to be his guest for as long as it takes her to recover.

What Jewel doesnít know is that Adamís housekeeper, who is taking care of Jewel, discovered a piece to a treasure map tucked inside Jewelís chemise, and that, that piece of paper is the key to her past.

The events that happen next are an adventure indeed. With the intrigues of war happening around them, the excitement of a ragged treasure map, and a burning attraction to each other that neither can deny, Ms. Jernigan weaves a tale that is a true treasure.

Ms. Jerniganís characters are wonderful and fun to read. The story is never stale and will keep you riveted to the pages. The Dukeís Lady is an excellent addition to your romance library.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Debbie.

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