by Reese Gabriel

June 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1036-4
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Straight-laced lawyer Linzee is surprised and shocked when her little sister decides she wants a mentor to teach her about BDSM. And Tracyee has just the man in mind - sexy dominant David Carlisle. Suspicious of his motives, thinking David is just another pervert out for a cheap thrill, Linzee agrees to a meeting. Even she cannot deny that David is devilishly handsome, but she doesn’t believe that David and Tracyee’s relationship could be purely platonic. Always happy to help, David offers Linzee a demonstration - and that is when the trouble begins!

Linzee is a natural submissive. Deep down she holds a hidden yearning to serve a strong man, a man like David Carlisle. The problem stems from the fact that she hates David and the BDSM lifestyle he stands for. As the passion mounts between them, Linzee alternates between desire and anger - anger at both herself and David. But David is a seasoned Dom, one who knows exactly when to use the sting of a whip or the tenderness of his voice.

Can Linzee overcome her inhibitions and accept David enough to become his submissive?

His Submissive is a tale of passion, submission and love. This reviewer reads a lot of erotic romance, but Reese Gabriel’s book is one of my favorites. Sizzling with passion and erotic scenes, His Submissive is hot, hot, hot! David and Linzee weave their way into your heart and leave a lasting impression. Linzee is uptight and closed off to the possibility of love. David gives her the opportunity to change that, he gives her the option of being herself, of being what she keeps hidden. The journey both characters go on is wonderful - you experience every emotion right along with them - the emotions of joy, pain, anger but most of all love.

In essence, this is a love story with a twist. For lover’s of erotic romance, this author is a must!

Reviewed in July 2007 by Donna.

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