by Erica Orloff

January 2003
ISBN: 0-373-25023-1
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Trade Paperback

The New York lifestyle of fast paced everything throws off book editor Cassie Hayes when she moves to Boca Raton, Florida. Counting coffee as a meal and telephone conversations as long-term relationships, the transition is less than quick.

In Spanish Disco, the core of the story revolves around Cassie Hayes and her adjustment to working with a Pulitzer prize winning novelist. Recluse Roland Riggs is her big ticket to maintaining her position and it seems Cassie will stop at nothing in helping this hermit climb out of his shell and back onto the bestseller list.

When she starts having phone sex with the mysterious overseas man, she fears they may be crossing the line. But she does gain a certain comfort in knowing he is across the ocean - until he insists on meeting in person.

Knowing she is less than perfect at live and in person interaction, based on the separation from her ex-husband, Cassie does her best to remain in the driverís seat. When things start to heat up, however, self-doubt and fear become her two best friends.

Spanish Disco offers a modern take on breaking out of the technology shell. Cassie Hayes has been successful at hiding behind her computer and telephone, but things eventually have to change, albeit against her will. Transitioning from the New York norms of coffee houses and anonymity, Cassie is thrown into a world where beach sand is her concrete and people actually make eye contact.

Through her transformation as a behind the scenes player, we see the development of Cassieís personal existence and her return to the living world. Author Erica Orloff magnificently captures the modern paralysis of living in a nutshell and breaking out from behind a computer screen.

This energetic and poignant look at one womanís confrontation with a world unknown to her is both enlivening and exciting. The dialogue is true to life and the narrative is flirty and witty, with enough reality to relate to the young and young at heart.

Reviewed in November 2002 by Lori.

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