by Jennifer St. Giles

August 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4165-1333-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Annette Batista is on a mission - to find her missing sister. Finding an ancient amulet at the site of her disappearance, Annette summons a shadowy warrior to her side. Aragon is a powerful, intensely masculine male. At first, she doesn’t know if she can trust this sexually alluring man. But when he claims he can find her sister and destroy the thing that took her, Annette has no choice but to put her faith in him.

As a Shadowman - half man, half wolf- Aragon abandons his brethren and post as leader of the Shadowmen to pursue a rogue Blood Hunter, Pathos. This decision leaves Aragon trapped between worlds. When Annette calls him to flesh, he cannot resist the heat that rises between them. But his time on Earth is limited, and Aragon must destroy Pathos. Can Annette and Aragon find love against unbeatable odds?

The Lure of the Wolf is the second installment in the Shadowmen series, a series quickly cementing Jennifer St. Giles as a force to be reckoned with in the paranormal romance genre. From the opening pages, The Lure of the Wolf plunges the reader into a plot packed full of action, adventure and romance. Recurring characters from previous books provide excellent sub plots for the reader, as well as introducing storylines that can be developed in later books.

At the heart of the plot is a good versus evil battle. Although Aragon is a renegade from his brethren, his heart remains true and the only thing he wants is to see his former mentor dead. Until that is, he meets Annette. She is strong, feisty and willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her sister. The emotional journey these two characters of on is a real roller coaster, and the ending is a tear jerker - in a good way!!

Reviewed in August 2007 by Donna.

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