by Victoria Alexander

October 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-088264-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Once there were four single gentlemen who placed a wager about marriage. They each bet a shilling that they would be the last bachelor in their group. The winner receives the coins, and some very fine cognac. Now only two remain unwed. What happened to their plan?

Daniel Sinclair certainly has no time for marriage. He is intent on furthering his business interests in London before returning home to Baltimore. He is not opposed to marriage, but he wants to wed on his own terms.

Lady Cordelia Bannister enjoys freedom not usually found in young women of her age. Still unwed, she has traveled extensively, and writes travelogues for the ladies magazines. She would like to marry, but has not found the right man. Until she does, she is happy with her current situation.

Her serenity is brought to a halt when her father reveals that his business interests have faltered, and her matrimonial state is about to be decided to aid the family. He has met an American business man who will merge their businesses together if Cordy will marry the Americanís son, Daniel Sinclair.

Iím sure, dear readers, that you can see where this is leading. But donít be too certain that you have read this story before. Victoria Alexanderís spin on a familiar theme is sure to entertain. Add in a little Shakespeare, a large dose of comedy, shake well, and you have Secrets of a Proper Lady.

If this book is any indication, I canít wait to see what she has planned for the final unwed gentleman!

Reviewed in September 2007 by Paula.

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