by Danielle Steel

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-385-33831-8
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In Bungalow 2 by Danielle Steel, Tanya Harris is at a life-changing place in her world. Her oldest child, and only son is about to start his freshman year in college, her twin daughters are embarking on their senior year of high school, and she and her husband of 20 years are looking at being empty nesters.

When Tanya married Peter she settled happily into being a suburban housewife and mother. Peter is a successful lawyer, and Tanya supplemented their income by writing short stories as a freelance writer. She also wrote the occasional soap opera script, and had published two books. Tanya was happy though her one big dream was to write a screenplay.

When the chance to write a screenplay finally came Tanya was convinced the timing wasn’t right. With all the changes in her family she was sure that going to Los Angeles for almost a year was not the right thing. It takes some convincing but her husband does manage to talk her into taking the job.

Soon Tanya is somewhat settled into the place that would be her home away from home for longer than she imagined…Bungalow 2. As the movie moves into full production things are not going well at home, and the strain begins to show.

What will Tanya do? Can she save her family? How will the impact of her new career affect her children? The turmoil that Tanya feels is something that I think any wife or mother would suffer. Tanya is amazing in that she always puts her children’s feelings first, and in my opinion that made her very likable.

Bungalow 2, I believe does show a side of the movie business that few if any of us think about. We know that movie romances abound, but how do they affect the various people involved in the movie, and if they have families, what is the impact on those families?

I wish I could say that Bungalow 2 was a book that had me turning pages late into the night, but it didn’t. I found the sentence flow hard to follow, as Ms. Steel tends to repeat herself over and over in different ways, and it was quite evident to me in this story.

Those who are truly devoted to Steel will want the hardcover for their keeper shelves. Those who are so so fans will be heading to the library should they choose to read Bungalow 2.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Sandi.

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