by Karen Kingsbury

September 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59995-677-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Center Street
Trade Paperback

Cody Gunner is still aching over his beloved wifeís death, four years later. Heís returned to the rodeo circuit, but his heart isnít in bull riding. Instead, everywhere he goes, he sees Ali. Finally, Cody decides to leave the circuit and return home, where he hopes to open a camp for Down Syndrome kids, especially his brother, Carl Joseph.

Elle Dalton is a teacher for Down Syndrome kids, and Carl Joseph is in her class. She sees Carl Joseph having the possibility of moving into his own apartment someday, with a little independence training.

Cody is against everything that Elle is trying to do. Carl Joseph shouldnít be on his own, he needs to be kept at home, safe. Instantly, Cody and Elle are at odds. Is there any possibly at all of these two finding love?

Just Beyond The Clouds is the sequel to A Thousand Tomorrows and the two books definitely tie together. Just Beyond The Clouds starts sad, with Cody still deep in mourning. It made me wonder if this would be a rebound romance. Karen Kingsbury did slip into narrative point of view occasionally which drew me out of the story, but otherwise, it's an excellently written book.

Elle is a loveable heroine, kind to her students, and even Cody when he crosses her, even though she isnít too fond of him at first. I didnít like Cody too much at first either as he was rude and abrupt. But he grew on me, just as he grew on Elle. If you like Karen Kingsbury books, you will want to read Just Beyond The Clouds. Discussion questions are included at the end.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Laura.

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