by Michelle Rowen

July 2007
ISBN: 0-446-61862-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

The life of a vampire is never easy. Especially if you are Sarah Dearly. Turned into a vampire by the blind date from hell, she’s back in the second book with a whole new set of problems. Earning the unfortunate nickname of “The Slayer of Slayers”, she is being used as bait to draw out the hunter’s psychotic leader, Gideon Chase. Her vampire elder boyfriend, Thierry, is constantly blowing her off, and her fanged friend, Quinn, is back in town and trying to turn self defense lessons into make-out sessions.

Fed up with being a waitress, irritated at constantly being targeted, not to mention having her apartment blown up and choosing between two guys, Sarah’s decided she’s had enough. It’s time to fight back...Dearly style!

If you are looking for a novel with attitude and plenty of bite, Fanged and Fabulous is the book for you! The second installment from Michelle Rowen is hilarious, contemporary and unforgettable. Sarah is like any twentieth century gal with twentieth century problems. Except she has the added irritation of fangs, hunters, and a six hundred year old boyfriend! Fanged and Fabulous may be vampire chick lit, but there are gritty moments throughout the story that add smackings of reality. As for the male vampires - whew! Caught between dark and brooding Thierry, and sexy, sassy Quinn, any reader is spoiled for choice.

Funny provocative and highly entertaining, Fanged and Fabulous gets four and a half roses - a delightful paranormal romance with a quirky sense of humor.

Reviewed in October 2007 by Donna.

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