by Sandra Hill

July 2007
ISBN: 0-446-61651-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Ex Navy SEAL and ex Amish man, Caleb Peachy, is a contradiction to everyone. As project manger for Jinx Inc.’s underground hunt for pearls, his job is to keep people in check. Not an easy task when Dr Claire Cassidy is on his staff. Archaeologist ‘Crazy’ Claire rocks his world as much as she infuriates him. She’s sexy, clever and scares the pants off him with her brutal honesty about wanting him for a sperm donor.

Claire knows that the rough and tough ex Navy SEAL isn’t ready to settle down, but she can’t resist some Caleb loving. What girl could?! Through numerous adventures, a huge snake mascot, a crazy Cajun matchmaker, and a strip joint fight, Claire begins to realize there is only one man for her, Caleb Peachy. But convincing him is going to be a problem, one that could break her heart…

Pearl Jinx is the hilarious follow up to Pink Jinx. This reviewer has never laughed so much. Sandra Hill really puts her characters through their paces! Just one example, Caleb’s phobia is snakes - cue a huge benevolent anaconda, and a whole lot of laughter for the reader! The characters are colourful and vibrant, coming alive with every turn of the page. One of my favourite things about Sandra Hill’s books is the recurring characters. Who can forget Tante Lulu? The eccentric matchmaker with a heart of gold. Reading one of Ms. Hill’s books is like revisiting old friends.

Pearl Jinx is packed full of humor and adventure, sizzling SEAL sex and enough romance to touch even the coldest heart. This book is a real pearl. Long may the Jinx series continue!

Reviewed in August 2007 by Donna.

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