by Jean Johnson

April 2007
ISBN: 042521463X
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Alys of Devries was a virtual slave to her dastardly uncle Brogan. Ever since she was orphaned, her mage uncle had been using Alys’ power for his wicked purposes of gaining control of Katan. Brogan had been targeting the eight exiled brothers of Nightfall Isle who had been Alys’ childhood friends. Alys knew she had to warn them even at her own expense. Seizing an opportunity to escape her uncle’s clutches Alys fakes her death, and then sets out to find the brothers especially the one who has always laid claim to her heart, Wolfer.

Wolfer, the second born of the first set of four twins of the Sons of Destiny is surprised to see his childhood beloved Alys in otter form emerge from the sea. The Curse of Eight prophesy condemns Wolfer and his brothers to Nightfall, which they have claimed as their own kingdom. Wolfer’s older twin, Saber, has already found his destined mate, and if the prediction continues Wolf is about to meet his in Alys! The Wolf must protect his mate from the evils of Brogan and his dark magic reach. The Sons of Destiny will prevail!

Jean Johnson continues her boldly exciting and erotic series begun with The Sword in the next installment, The Wolf. Wolfer has the ability to shape shift and can take other forms aside from his favorite that of the wolf. His predestined mate, Alys, also has this ability and once they are finally together they both recognize that they are only meant for each other. Three more sets of sexy twins need their prophesies seen to completion and we await the next book The Master!

Reviewed in October 2007 by Bonnie.

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