by Jacquelyn Frank

January 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8067-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Elijah cannot believe it! How could he have fallen into their trap so easily? As commander of the Demon warriors he has spent centuries at war with one faction or another, but he has never been this close to death. As the necromancers and the traitorous Demons who lead them ready their killing magic, Elijah knows his end is near. He is already mortally wounded, and this attack will be his last. As he loses consciousness, the last thing he hears is the scream of a wild cat somewhere in the forest.

Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes, returns to human form near the body of the fallen warrior. She is shocked to see that it is Elijah. He is near death, and the dawn approaches. She is thankful that she found him in time, and now must decide how best to care for him. He is a valued counselor to the Demon King, and Siena wants to keep the tenuous peace between their races. The black magic wielded by the necromancers has put all of the Nightwalkers at risk.

The fates have even more in store for these two proud warriors as they discover that they have more in common than they realize. The very attributes that make them leaders will bring them closer together than either race has ever been before. Their attraction to one another has serious consequences, and both of them will have to decide what is important and what can be sacrificed if they are to remain together.

Author Jacquelyn Frank offers Elijah as the third book in her Nightwalkers series. It has lots of action, and plenty of drama. I almost lost patience with Siena’s stubborn refusal to accept the truth, but Elijah had enough for both of us. I was definitely intrigued by some of the additional characters who played roles in this novel, and look forward to seeing their stories. Fans of this paranormal series will be pleased to know that Damien, the Vampire King, will be the hero of the next book in the Spring.

Reviewed in December 2007 by Paula.

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