by Ruth Ryan Langan

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21633-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Molly O’Brien is unmarried at twenty-nine and raising four children not her own. The townspeople may think her odd, but she doesn’t care. She loves her unusual family and is doing everything she can to keep them, but working a farm by herself is very hard work. Thankfully she has learned her families’ way of making cheese and other dairy products and uses this to trade for other necessities.

When she and the girls are returning home from a trip to town, they find two unconscious men in the road. It’s obvious they’d fought and they looked close to death, but Molly couldn’t in good conscious leave them lying there. They get the men in the wagon and take them home where she nurses them the best she can. Later she goes back for their horses and she finds personal effects which indicate one of the men is a murdering bank robber and the other a U.S. Marshal.

With both men unconscious she has no clue which is which, but as they start to come around she tries her best to figure out the truth. The men themselves are both determined to prove they are the Marshal. Hodge Evans, the real Marshal is mad when Molly doesn’t immediately believe him, but at the same time admires her spunk. Of course, that’s not all he admires about her.

Ms. Langan has penned a sweet romance filled with wonderful characters. Molly is so patient and loving with the four girls she is raising. The youngest and oldest of the girls stand out the most and really give this story more depth. Hodge Egan is never portrayed as a bad man, just one that isn’t the marrying kind. But when he finds himself where he thought he always wanted to be, he realizes his dreams have changed. While most books end satisfactorily, very few touch me in such a way and make me sad to turn the last page.

Reviewed in July 2007 by Jackie.

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