by Catherine Snodgrass

ISBN: 1-55316-114-9
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Dani Morgan and Alec Edwards have been in love for a long time, centuries actually! Having found each other over and over again throughout time, they have the falling in love part down pat. Unfortunately, it is the staying alive part that has eluded them. This time, however, destiny is willing to give then one more shot at a long life full of love.

In this life, Alec is a well respected plastic surgeon on his way to a fundraising gala when he witnesses a terrible accident. Determine to help, he finds Dani clinging to life in her car. One look and Alec knows that this woman will change his life forever! Dani was on her way to the airport to start her dream vacation in Europe when a drunk driver changed everything. Stunned, she is shocked when the man of her dreams appears in her car and then proceeds to save her life.

Alec is amazed to discover that after a few short hours Dani becomes the most important person in his life. When Dani`s fears and strange accidents begin to take over their life together, Alec forces Dani to see a psychologist. Soon they discover that an evil soul has been destroying their love for each other and their lives for centuries. Dani and Alec must find out who has been responsible for all of their deaths before they are killed again and their love dies - this time for good.

Catherine Snodgrass`s novel Another Chance, Anther Time is a heart warming read about two loves who have just never gotten it quite right. Alec and Dani`s love for each other is so powerfully portrayed that reaches out and tugs at the reader`s heart strings. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel that was full of witty characters, paranormal events, and a really great “bad guy” that you love to hate. If you like time travel, paranormal, or just a really great romance then read this book!

Reviewed in November 2002 by Jen.

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