by Janice Maynard

July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-22148-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Trade Paperback

In this new collection by Janice Maynard, sensuality and lust are taken to a whole new level.

Francesca Fremont loves her small home town of Camron, Tennessee but she wouldn't mind a few new faces showing up every once in awhile. So, when a mysterious but very sexy man buys the property across from her own small home she wants to investigate. She brings him a plate of home-cooked meals and causes a small accident. Brett Gilman is not amused.

But Francesca is not giving up. When she finds Miss Matilda's Guide to Love and Romance for the Proper Young Lady in a box of cookbooks, she decides to follow the book's advice and win Brett's heart through a means she is much more comfortable with: Catering to His Needs.

Francesca's warm personality combined with Brett's gruff bearing is a combustible combination and this anthology starts off on just the right foot.

Love and laughter combine in Tag, You're It! Lily Langford views herself as ordinary. She is a hardworking nurse who yearns for a family of her own. She hopes the man to give her that family may be Benjamin Reynolds, her eccentric and genius neighbor, but he just doesn't seem to pick up her hints that she'd like more than friendship.

However, after coming across Miss Matilda's book, Lily decides to let Ben do the chasing from now on. Maybe he'll notice what he has been missing once she isn't at his beck and call.

Ben notices alright! In fact, he's more than ready to move their relationship past the friendship stage, but can Lily handle the heat?

Probably my favorite couple in the collection, Ben's geekiness is just downright sexy. He proves that not all sexy heroes have to be military men or other typical macho careers.

Finally, in Seducing the Duke, Caitlyn Anderson has to put her long-held grudge against Duke Yancey aside when they are assigned to work together to improve the city of Atlanta. Duke is excited. He knows Caitlyn holds him at bay and he'd love to sneak past her barriers to the sensual woman beneath but unfortunately, Caitlyn is sure he isn't the man for her. When she discovers Miss Matilda's book of old-fashioned advice, she is even more positive, until, some of that advice she scoffed at starts to come in handy with Duke. Will love blossom for this bickering pair?

Sexy and smart, Caitlyn is up to all the challenges Duke throws at her. You will surely enjoy their exciting courtship.

All in all, Improper Etiquette is a sassy and delicious contemporary anthology. Janice Maynard is a must-buy author for all romance fans!

Reviewed in July 2007 by Sarah.

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