by Lorraine Heath

September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-112970-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Michael Tremayne, Marquess of Falconridge would do anything, including 'auction' off the one thing of value the he still possesses; his title! He knows that many a wealthy American father (or mother, for that matter!) would be thrilled to marry their daughter into the nobility. And...that's just whate he is going to do, he's that desperate! Michael had made a list of the 5 most wealthy American fathers who were currently in London and invited them to his home. Hopefully, one of them will be willing to 'purchase' him for their daughter. How degrading!

Kate Rose, though beautiful and wealthy wans't quite the heiress that he had in mind. Headstrong and willful, Kate wants a marriage built on love and is determined to get it, no matter what! The more she thinks about her new husband, the more determined she becomes to make this a marriage of love and not convienence, but at what cost to her heart...or to his, for that matter.

Fun, fast paced and totally sexy, Just Wicked Enough will not only keep you entertained, but maybe give you a few 'wicked' ideas of your own.

Lorraine Heath always gives her readers what the want...a plot that never stops, characters to fall in love with and a love story that warms the heart. Who could ask for anything more!


Reviewed in December 2007 by Debbie.

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